Olive Oil Storage, Containers, Dispensers, Cruets, Misters

If you just bought a bottle of gourmet olive oil or received one as a gift, it will be taste best and last longer if you follow a couple simple recommendations. The short version of the recommendations is to keep olive oil in a tightly capped container in an area that is as cool and dark as possible. Your goal is to prevent the oxidation of the cooking oils by air and their degredation by sunlight.

To help keep the degrading effects of sunlight from their products, most companies use dark green or brown glass olive oil bottles. If you typically use either an olive oil decanter or glass cruet for attractive meal presentations it is best to pour your premium olive oil into it just prior to the meal and not store it in an open air container. You can then either use up the oil soon or put it back into its original container. In all cases just remember to store them in cool locations. 

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Whether in the original container or in a different olive oil dispenser, your olive oil can also be kept fresh in your refrigerator. It becomes cloudy and very viscous when cooled but that is okay as it will return to normal appearance once it gets back to room temperature. As a side note, olive oil can be frozen and then thawed without degrading its taste or qualities.

Some chefs and home cooks like to spray pans with cooking oil or put a final touch on dishes by using an olive oil mister. Storage condition considerations are similar when using such a sprayer. Keep it out of the sunlight and away from heat sources. Make sure to use up the oil in the sprayer as soon as possible as it is exposed to more air than if that same oil was stored in a tightly capped bottle.

The shelf life of olive oil is shorter than some of the other common cooking oils. In general, many producers recommend that you use the bottled olive oil within 12 months for best taste and results.

Keep your gourmet olive oils and regular oils in your cupboard, out of the light, and away from the stove and oven. Open, use and enjoy one or a few bottles of premium olive oils at a time. If you buy several bottles in a group or to take advantage of specials and discounts, keep the other bottles unopened and stored them in a dark, cool place. If you are giving gourmet olive oil as gifts follow the same storage guidelines while you are holding onto them.

Olive Oil has a moderate shelf life and will last longer and taste best if it is stored properly. Take note of a few easy storage and handling tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy all the benefits of olive oil and at their most flavorful condition.

Know About Olive Oil
Alternatively, you can store oil in the refrigerator or freezer, which will greatly extend its shelf life. Do not worry about the crystallized waxes in the oil when chilled. All you have to do is to warm the oil back to room temperature.

Is Your Olive Oil is Rancid?
Is your fancy imported olive oil supposed to taste like that—or has it gone rancid? Having always equated "rancid" with "spoiled," we were shocked to learn that rancidity is not a sudden, finite condition.

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar
Food will absorb less olive oil when used during cooking because when it gets hot it will expand in amount, thus requiring a smaller amount of olive oil. Olive oil can be reused up to three times. Many argue five times.

Different Kinds of Salad Dressings
Afterwards, add the olive oil in a cruet. Shake the cruet vigourously to prevent any clotting of the mixed substances, and also for a better blend.

Olive Oil Cruet
I go through a crazy amount of olive oil because I use it for everything, so I buy those big metal containers. It’s taken me years to find a olive oil cruet that was easy to fill and didn’t drip.